Winter on the Island of Hvar

The island of Hvar is well known by its gentle winters, warm summers and plenty of sunshine. An average of 2724 hours of sunshine per year makes this island one of the sunniest places in Croatia. Sunny weather is almost guaranteed all year long on the island. Average air temperature during the summer months is 25°C and 9°C during the winter. During the winter, air temperatures rarely fall below 0°C and snow occurs very rarely. In January, there were three snowy days in the last ten years and in February just one. When snow falls it is a real festivity to all residents of Hvar. Also, some hotels in Hvar offer free accommodation if it snows.

Guests are coming to the island of Hvar during the entire year, even in the winter. Mild and moist winters make Hvar an excellent spot for winter tourism. The island is an ideal place for a dream vacation.

Guests are attracted with plenty of sunshine, the beauty of nature, sport and leisure facilities. There is a plenty of available accommodation during the winter and prices are much lower than during the main season. The island of Hvar brings peace into a life and helps to achieve true relaxation of mind and body in the winter.

About 11000 permanent islanders live on the island during the winter. A true island spirit awakes in the winter time and the island becomes a world for itself. Mild winter brings a stimulating freshness and slower lifestyle. Islanders live in harmony with nature and in peace with themselves and each other.

The island’s climate is pleasantly mild and healthy which is great for the development of health tourism. People think that the effects of the sun are therapeutic and this phenomenon attracts many tourists with different health problems. This climate is suited for taking long walks and enjoying the tranquility and silence. People can also enjoy in lush vegetation and miraculous changes that are brought by jugo (sirocco) and bura (bora). Healing properties of Hvar are essential for an ideal vacation.

Your Dream Florida Family Vacation

Families just can’t get enough of Florida, the sun city. Beautiful beaches and exciting theme parks are abundant in this part of the world. Family resorts are numerous that offer a variety of packages for your family.

Some of the places you must consider for that wonderful vacation you have in mind is Amelia Island. It has lovely beaches and a historical fort with actors playing period characters. Sea foods are oh-so-heavenly in this island. Kids’ Camps can also be found in Amelia Island plantation that would have activities planned out for the whole family.

Here are some other places the family will definitely enjoy. The Blizzard Beach Waterpark, Sea World, Discovery Cove and Universal Studios are all in this wonderful state. And of course, the world-famous Walt Disney World Resorts are must-sees. Your children will surely have the time of their lives in these places.

The Space Coast and the Kennedy Space Center are must-see places especially for your future-astronaut kids. Ecological tours will also serve to be educational and fun for your kids as you visit saltwater estuaries, wildlife refuges and marshes.

Hotels and resorts can be found at strategic locations that are accessible to most of the popular travel spots in Florida. Finding a home-base while at the area will not pose a problem for your family, there’s a lot to choose from.

If you’re looking for activities for you and your young ones, Club Med along the St. Lucie River may be the right place for you. Your family will enjoy waterskiing, trapeze, golf and wakeboarding. Snorkeling is available in the Florida Keys for your children as young as eight.

For the nature lovers, Sanibel and Captiva Islands are two beautiful spots that include unpolluted beaches with shallow shorelines. Captiva Islands also boasts of a mangrove forest that is a habitat of sea turtles and even hawks. You can go fishing, boating, hiking and parasailing in this beautiful spot.

There are many more beaches and spots resorts in Florida that you may want to visit like Clearwater Beach, Radisson Sand Key, Sheraton Sand Key and the Tradewinds Island Resorts.

Busch Gardens at Tampa Bay offer thrilling roller coaster and water rides with an African twist. Swimming with manatees is one of the highlights when you visit Crystal River Wildlife Refuge.

Since your Florida family vacation will not be complete if you don’t visit Disney World, make sure that you have the following in mind:

It is essential that you pick the best time of year for your visit. Note when is the time when it is not too hot for the kids and there are not too many people so you could truly enjoy all the perks.

Base your visit according to the Extra Magic Hour when one of the theme parks open early. If you cannot make it early, just don’t go there for the day because of the rush. This, therefore, necessitates the need to be early when visiting the theme parks. Don’t forget to consider their closing time as well, as this might affect your schedule for the rest of the day.

It is good to avoid the most heated part of the day. This would be the perfect time to take a rest at your hotel and just go back early in the evening to complete your adventure.

Fastpasses will save you a lot of time to avoid standing at long lines for the most famous rides. Just use these passes for the most popular rides.

Bring snacks and lots of drinks for the entire family to save on cash. Dehydration is a common problem when walking all day and enjoying. If you have to eat in the park, go for the power buffet meals, they may come out cheaper.

Advanced reservations at restaurants may be very helpful and very easy. To get that seat, reserve ahead of time.

Disney World has a transportation system that allows you to take the rides every hour of the day and night that will bring you from one park to another.

Most importantly, dress down. Use cool and comfy clothes and shoes while doing all your visits to the exciting places of Florida State.

Mackinac Island – Leave Your Car at the Ferry

Mackinac Island is located at the confluence of Lakes Michigan and Huron. Purchase tickets for the Arnold Line Ferry from St. Ignace to the island. They are one of three companies, which service the island from either St. Ignace or Mackinaw City, a twenty minute trip across the Straits.

The island has been an important stop for hundreds of years. Originally called Michili Machinac (Turtle Island) it was a major trading post during the beaver fur days from the 1600s. Being so close to the US Canadian borders, the island has great historical value, besides the resort it is today.

What can you say when you step from a picture postcard into the real thing? Horses pulling carriages or wagons, people riding bicycles, or walking, narrow streets with quaint looking shops selling fudge, souvenirs, antiques, etc. To avoid either getting trampled by the throng of humanity on the narrow sidewalks of Main Street, go one block up to Market Street, the main non tourist thoroughfare.

Your destination is the Grand Hotel. Follow their livery up the hill. Everything about the Grand Hotel yells old traditional values. Because they want to keep out the wandering tourist, they charge ten dollars just to go on their property. For an additional thirty-five dollars, you receive a delicious buffet luncheon. Opt to do the Jane Seymour, Christopher Reeve scene from Somewhere in Time on the front lawn of the hotel. The real front yard of The Grand is completely different from the Hollywood version. There also is no theater at the bottom of the lawn. Instead are beautiful gardens, a swimming pool with sauna and a Swedish physical fitness course winding through the cypress trees. The lawn area itself is set for lawn bowling and croquet, to be enjoyed at one’s leisure.

Leave the beautiful gardens of the Grand Hotel for a stroll down Market Street, less crowded with tourists. Mackinac Island boasts three of the oldest houses in the State of Michigan. Because of the island’s location where Lakes Huron and Michigan converge, a fort was built by the English to guard their territory. The Fort overlooks the town and the Straits of Mackinac from the top of a steep hill.

The pace of Mackinac Island is very idyllic. No one is in a hurry. There is no toot of an angry horn. The island is almost like Eden. There is one drawback for island living, however. Everything costs more, because everything has to be shipped onto the island from the mainland; a small price for beauty.

Did I mention about The Big Mac; not the ersatz food, but the Mackinac Bridge. This bridge is five miles long, connecting lower and upper Michigan. Before the bridge was erected cars and trucks would be backed up twenty-three miles waiting for the ferry. The bridge is open to pedestrian traffic one day of the year: Labor Day

Living on Beautiful Bald Head Island in North Carolina

If privacy and island living is what you are seeking, then Bald Head Island is right for you. As the southernmost island in North Carolinas cape islands, this private island community is a 12,000 acres and accessible only by 20 minute ferry ride from Southport, North Carolina.

Beach homes overlook the beaches, waters and salt marshes that make up the island landscape. Homeowners and guests of the island travel by electric golf carts and bicycles by paved and unpaved paths. Guests can rent carts by the day while on their trip.

Graced by miles of white sandy beaches, a championship’-hole golf course, 2 club houses, state of the art fitness center, tennis courts, swimming pools, a full-service marina, an immense network of walking and cycling paths winding through the island, and a array of stores and restaurants.

George Cobb designed the marshes, dunes, and maritime forests of the natural landscape into the championship golf course. The result is some breath taking views. During the construction of the course most of the natural landscape was preserved.

Tennis players will love the four soft-surface tennis courts at Bald Head Island. The club house also has exercise rooms, mens and womens locker rooms, and a resort style swimming pool. There is also a second swimming facility at the Shoals Club that has a lap pool and kiddie pool.

The ten acre harbor and marina has boat slips from 30 to 100 feet in length. From the marina residents have access to the Cape Fear River and the Atlantic Ocean. At Bald Head Island you can enjoy both casual and fine dining. You can also purchase groceries from the fully stocked grocery store located on the island.

Bald Head Island is an incorporated municipality with its own fire department and community police department. All island firefighters are paramedic-level certified, and a basic medical treatment room is available at the main fire station. In emergency situations, transportation is available to Dosher Memorial Hospital located a few minutes from the mainland ferry terminal, and to nearby Brunswick Hospital or the New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington.

Bald Head Island has single family homes, townhouses, villas, and home sites for sale through the islands real estate office. Prices vary based on the size and amenities available There are also fractional ownership options available with prices ranging from $150,000 and up.

All Inclusive Resorts In The Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean islands are one of the most beautiful places on earth which offer all inclusive resorts. To add to it the weather is a paradise like climate, from warm in some areas to hot and humid in others with a basically constant blue sky where clouds are hard to find.

Many people are not aware of this fact, but there are well over a thousand islands who are part of the Caribbean. They are located in different territories such as the Barbados Islands the Bahamas Islands, the British Virgin Islands, the Anguilla islands, and many more.

Each of these Islands from the smallest to the largest are home to a paradise like landscape which offers idealistic vacations and lovers get-aways for people all over the world. If you have never been to at least one of those magnificent Caribbean islands you should make it your goal to plan a trip there in the future.

Because most of those islands live on tourism which brings them most of their income, they have the most incredible all inclusive Caribbean resorts for you to enjoy an unbelievable stay that will take care of your every need.

The island of Jamaica is the third largest of the Caribbean islands and was formed by sea volcanoes millions of years ago. Jamaica has gorgeous mountainous regions going up to over 7, 000 feet which is the highest point of Blue Mountain Peak. The climate of Jamaica is what you would expect from a tropical spot, hot and humid where the sun can still burn your skin behind clouds.

If you are looking to spend some dream vacations in Jamaica you are probably looking for the best vacation resort. An all inclusive Caribbean resort is what you need. Montego Bay is a great place for unforgettable Jamaican vacation where you can find terrific resorts, some of which are family owned.

You will find out-of-this-world accommodations that are modern and sparkling neat. You will also enjoy the warm and friendly staff willing to accommodate your every need at all times. Throughout the island you will find excellent gourmet cuisine that is legendary on the Island of Jamaica.

You will also find some secluded beautiful beaches and hotels if you want to enjoy more quite while it’s still a short hop from the airport and other commodities.

All inclusive resorts in the Caribbean and particularly in Jamaica, one of the most beautiful spot of the Caribbean islands, will offer you dream vacations that you will cherish for a lifetime.