Nuku Hiva Island – Jewel of the Marquesas

In French Polynesia, you’ll find the largest of the islands in the Marquesas, known as Nuka Hiva Island. The climate here is that of a rainforest, and it experiences a good deal of precipitation. There are even bleak periods that see over two inches of rainfall in one day. Due to its northerly location, the island does not experience hurricanes or other tropical storms. Temperatures are fairly constant year-round, averaging about 86 degrees.

Learn the Local History

Archaeologist Robert Suggs discovered Hikokua in 1957. It is a powerful site, with a vast, central esplanade (known locally as a tohua). Workers restored the site and the Hatiheu locals still maintain it.

The primary use of the tohua was for dance performances in festivals. They used flat basalt blocks as spectator steps. The terrace contains two stone carvings by a modern local artist. It also has a flat rock once used for rituals and solo dances. Near the center of this esplanade are Christian tombs that are believed to date from the time when the first missionaries arrived on the island.

Diving Like Nowhere Else

The Marquesas are the farthest islands from any continent. The nearest urban center would be Tahiti, and it is almost 950 miles away. They experience no fishing or pollution, and there are so many diving sites that you could quite possibly dive where no one has been before.

Sharks of all species are abundant for divers to see, and leopard and manta rays are also commonly seen. You may also enjoy viewing swordfish, dolphins, white fin reef sharks and silky sharks. Several miles from Nuku Hiva Island lives a colony of Pygmy killer whales who bask there throughout the year. During the hottest hours of the day, they watch divers and sometimes even play with them.

Full-Day Tours

Full-day tours include a 4-wheel-drive-assisted visit to some of the major island places. They include Aakapa Mountain, Hatiheu, Taipivai and Anaho bay. This length of tour usually includes a horseback ride or hike, depending on your preference. The tour companies frequently serve lunch on full-day tours.

Your tour will likely include the Vaipa waterfalls and the Valley of Hakahui. They will transfer you by boat to Kahatea Bay for an energetic five-mile hike. It is a long hike, to be sure, but it is not difficult. Be sure to bring supportive shoes and plastic overshoes for river crossings.

Half-Day Tours

A Taipivai valley four-wheel-drive half-day tour includes a visit to “Inspector” bay, Hoomi villages and the archeological site at “Paeke”. For a fee, you will enjoy a wonderful picnic, before heading up to Mount Moake for a 360-degree panoramic view of Nuka Hiva Island.

By boat, you will visit the small Hakahui village, and take an enjoyable hike to the second river. On the way back from your tour, you may stop at Hakatea beach for a swim. The animals in the island channels are varied and abundant. The most often-seen species include moray eels, groupers, goatfish, barracuda and big-eyes.

The Numerology of Amelia Earhart – Aviatrix Heroine

Amelia Earhart was a woman of her time, before her time, in the time where women usually didn’t do the daring deeds or have the daring-do of men. She was a heroine among heroes, not simply the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, but the first person, male or female, ever to fly solo over the largest body of water in the world, the Pacific Ocean. Earhart’s courage, will, determination, vision and just plain guts are an inspiration to everyone, regardless of gender, age or nationality.

Here are some interesting questions regarding Earhart’s life.

  • What master number pattern was dominant in her fame and fortune?
  • What number underscored her need for adventure, speed and freedom?
  • What did Earhart have in common with Oprah Winfrey?
  • What’s the connection between Earhart and Howland Island where she mysteriously disappeared?

99-9 Performance/Experience (PE): The Power of Fame

As we learned in the article on Dr. Albert Einstein, the master number 99 is the most powerful energy of public recognition and fame. Einstein had the 99-9 in his Grand Pinnacle, the core of his life. Amelia Earhart had this potent powerhouse as her life’s Performance/Experience – the reality of her 2 Lifepath. Therefore, an unavoidable role of universal recognition and experience was the destiny of this extraordinary heroine of the skies.

The Number 5: Adventure, Speed and Freedom

In numerology the number 5 governs speed, freedom, motion, movement, excitement and adventure. In Earhart’s chart the number 5 occupies her Material Nature – her worldly personality. The number 5 is the numerical number of the name “Amelia” and also occupies the PE or outcome position of her middle name “Mary.” Her full name was Amelia Mary Earhart. The timeline of “Amelia Mary” was from her birth through age 44. She died mysteriously at age 39 and was declared legally dead in absentia on 5 January 1939 at age 41. Therefore, the number 5 – the energy of speed, freedom and adventure – was dominate throughout her life until her mysterious demise.

The Oprah and Earhart Connection

Oprah Winfrey is an undisputed icon of her day, a living legend. Amelia Earhart was, likewise, an undisputed icon and living legend of her time. Both women had very similar charts, which one would expect with people having similar numbers. One of the major numerical combinations connecting them is the 1/8 Influence/Reality (IR) set which addresses the energy of individuality, leadership and action (1) and commercial success (8). Both women have this impressive 1/8 IR set in their 1st, 3rd and 4th Challenges, a unique association.

Mysterious Disappearance

Amelia Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan, mysteriously disappeared on Friday, 2 July 1937 over the Pacific Ocean en route to Howland Island. What is interesting is that the Name Timeline Performance/Experience (NTL PE) of the name “Earhart” is a 55-1. The name “Howland Island” is also a 55-1! Coincidence? The science of numerology says no. Order is the first law of the universe, and in that order there is no room for coincidence. The fact that the NTL PE of Earhart and Howland Island are both 55-1s is no accident.


Amelia Earhart was a true heroine, a living legend of her time. Her numerology chart was imbued with power, adventure, originality, daring-do, global recognition and success. Some of the critical numbers in her chart reflecting these characteristics were her 99-9 PE, her 5 Material Nature, Expression of the name “Amelia” and Name Timeline PE of “Mary,” as well as her 1/8 IR set in three of her four Challenges. These numbers and number combinations are all part of the destiny puzzle of American aviatrix Amelia Mary Earhart, “Heroine of the Skies.” ~finis

Amelia Earhart – An American Icon

Amelia Mary Earhart was born in Atchison, Kansas on July 24th 1897. Her mother was Amy Otis Earhart who was a homemaker and her father Edwin Stanton Earhart, a lawyer. At a young age she enjoyed the life of a well to do family due to her grandfather, Alfred Otis.

Edwin Earhart having failed in his law practice was fortunate to get an executive position with the Rock Island Line Railroad in Des Moines, Iowa in 1905. He and his wife moved to Des Moines to set up house for their two daughters who stayed behind with their grandparents. It wasn’t until 1908 that the two sisters, Amelia and Muriel, joined their parents at their new home in Iowa. It was in 1914 that her mother left her husband because of his excessive drinking. She and her two daughters moved to Chicago to live with friends.

In 1917 at the age of 20 Amelia served as a nurse’s aid in a military hospital during WWI till its end in November 1918. In 1919 she entered Columbia University as a pre-med student. In 1920 she decided to end her studies at Columbia and went to California to be with her parents who had reconciled their marriage. It was in California that Amelia discovered her love for flying. Her interest was piqued at an aerial meet at Daughtery Field in Long Beach. Her interest turned into love when the next day she had the opportunity to fly in an open cockpit biplane, a short flight over Los Angeles. At that every moment she knew this was what she wanted, to fly airplanes.

Amelia got her flight lessons from Anita Snook, a pioneer female aviator. In 1922 Amelia was participating in record breaking events. For a short time she held the women’s attitude record of 14,000 feet. In 1925 having moved to Boston, Mass she got a job as a social worker. She also joined the Boston Chapter of the National Aeronautic Association. The Boston Globe called her one of the best woman pilot in the United States. On April 27th, 1926 she received a call from Captain H.H. Raily who asked her, “How would you like to be the first woman to fly across the Atlantic?” Interesting to note that due to the fact that Amelia had no experience flying a multi engine plane. The tri engine Fokker plane called the Friendship was piloted by Wilmer Stultz and Louis Gordon. Amelia was given the title commander of the flight. Though she was treated as a hero at the end of Friendship’s journey she later said she was only a passenger on the plane and the pilots Stultz and Gordon should get recognition for the flight.

It was on May 20th 1932 that Amelia made her 1st solo trip across the Atlantic ocean which was the longest non-stop distance any woman had flown solo. Then on January 11th,1935 Amelia was the first person to fly non-stop from Hawaii to California. Ten pilots had lost their lives attempting to cross the Pacific ocean before her. She landed in Oakland, California successfully accomplishing what no man or woman was able to do at that time.

Amelia’s last flight was an attempt to fly around the world. She and her navigator, Fred Noonan in an Electra plane left Miami, Fla. on June 1st, 1937 heading to California via around the world. Their flight took them to many destinations on their journey from Puerto Rico to South America, to Karachi, and other pre determined stops. It was on July 2nd that something went wrong. The last transmission from Earhart she reported that she was on course for Howland Island at 12,000 feet altitude. Never to be heard from again it was estimated that the plane was ditched in the ocean from 35 to 100 miles from Howland Island. there were 9 naval ships and 66 aircraft sent by President Roosevelt in search of The plane and its occupants. The search ended July 18th unsuccessful in its rescue attempt.

There are many theories about what happened that day to Earhart and Noonan. The truth is still not known, neither their bodies or wreckage of the plane were found.

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Living the Luxury Island Life at Palm Jumeirah – Dubai

Located on the Jumeirah coastal area of Dubai, Palm Jumeirah is the smallest of the trio of Palm Islands constructed as a tribute to the “cherished date tree”. The other two of the Palm Islands include Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira.

A Discerning Landmark Even From Outer Space

In a kingdom of exceptional property development projects, Palm Jumeirah holds its own as Dubai’s most ambitious and recognizable project to date. Designed to resemble the prized date tree, this unique man-made island consists of the main trunk with a crown comprising of 17 fronds. The surrounding crescent island forms an innovative 11km long breakwater. A 300-meter bridge connects the crown to the mainland and a sub-sea tunnel connects the crescent to the top of the palm. Doubling the length of the Dubai coastline; the entire island measures 5km by 5km with a total area that is larger than 800 football pitches put together. Large enough to be seen from outer space and with a shape that could not be mistaken for any other, Palm Jumeirah is truly a discerning landmark from earth as well as from outer space.

The Best Of Island Living

Conceived as a luxurious retreat and residential area for living, leisure and relaxation, this man-made island offers villas, shoreline apartment buildings, themed boutique hotels, five-star hotels, marinas, beaches, beach cafes, restaurants and an endless assortment of retail outlets.The trunk of this palm tree shaped property development is lined with plush town houses and state-of-the-art apartment blocks right on the shoreline. The three types of luxury signature villas, which include Garden Homes, Signature Villas and Canal Cove Town Homes, take up most of the branches. Every single dwelling, no matter what the category, is spacious, luxurious and well-finished and offers their residents private beaches besides a host of other amenities and facilities. In addition to all this, residents can enjoy spectacular views of the man made beaches. Some of the leading international hotel brands that dot this exclusive island include Movenpick Resort & Spa Palm Jumeirah, Movenpick Resort Oceana Palm Jumeirah, Dusit, Taj Exotica Resort and Spa, Shangri La, Oberoi, Marriott, Radisson SAS, Kempinski, Antara, Fairmont Palm Residence and Hilton amongst others.

The Making Of The Island

Palm Jumeirah is the end result of four years of methodical and careful planning and exhaustive feasibility studies to ensure that the islands would not have an adverse effect on the environment or disrupt it in any way. The first stage of this ambitious property comprised the construction of the land foundations, which entailed transferring of sand and precise placement of rock. The second stage included the construction of the 990 feet ( 300 meter) bridges that linked the island to the main land as well as the building of infrastructure and services, followed by the construction of the home, apartments and townhouses.

Palm Jumeirah- Luxury At A Price

The privilege of owning a private beach or a private swimming pool with a Palm Jumeirah villa comes at a price, but its one that is well worth paying. A whole host of celebrity home owners who have already staked their claim on this high end property development are testament to the luxurious lifestyle that Palm Jumeirah offers its residents as well as its visitors.

Sanibel Island Shelling

Sanibel Island in Florida has earned quite a reputation for being a shelling paradise. When many who live on the island begin digging in their yard to plant gardens, etc., they find loads of conch shells, whelks, scallops and clam shells, normally perfectly in tact. This is one of the reasons why Sanibel has earned such a wonderful reputation for shelling. Those vacationing on the island can collect beautiful shells for days and go home with a collection that is unsurpassed from anywhere else in the world.

The island itself is made of shells. People from all over the world have come to Sanibel Island to admire the colorful shells as well as to take bags and buckets and collect some for themselves. Millions of people who have walked along the beaches and stooped over to pick up these beauties have earned what is now known as the Sanibel Stoop.

If you are planning to visit Sanibel, then you should know the best places to find and collect your lovely shells. All the Gulf-side beaches from the Lighthouse to North Captiva offer a wonderful array of colorful shells for collection. It is best to attempt your shelling activities during low tide when the shells are more exposed and many say that low spring tides during the full and new moons are the best time to find them all. Be sure to bring your bucket or bag and wear shoes that you can kick around in the sand with. This is the best way to find those shells that may be partially hidden by sand, as well as to scare away any fish that may get in your way of finding the perfect shell.

You will find many sizes, shapes and types of shells during your Sanibel Island shelling expedition. If you are unsure of what to look for, you can search online beforehand or find many books and guides that will explain the many types of shells and how to properly distinguish them.

You should note during your Sanibel Island shelling experience that collecting live shells is outlawed by the State of Florida. This is because seashells are highly important to the chain of life on the island. Live shells are those which still contain an inhabitant, whether or not that mollusk appears alive. The law is also in effect to protect sand dollars, starfish and sea urchins. If you are unsure of what you can and can not take home with you, be sure to pick up a shelling guide when you arrive before you begin your Sanibel Stoop.